Monday, 12 December 2016

Tips to keep readers glued to your content

Let me first ask you this! So far how many blogs or articles you think you've read on topics such as creating better headlines, writing a catchy piece, opening paragraph and much more?

I am sure a ton of them! Smart marketers after all know those are all valuable lessons. But please don't assume that copywriting techniques can only improve your content. Content can go beyond crafting headlines and subheads.


We will talk about some lesser-known copywriting tactics designed to not only grab your audience's attention, but help them understand and incorporate every single word.

Qualify your readers 

I am so sure you would have heard this a million times "If you're marketing to everyone, you're marketing to none." A lot of bloggers particularly those writing for multiple personas, often get misled when qualifying their readers for specific types of content. This implies they are not able to identify who the content is for.

Why's it important to do this?

There are two reasons:

By clearly identifying the audience and content, you'll create a stronger bond with your target audience. They are more likely to keep themselves glued to reading if they feel confident that what you are saying will meet their needs. If the content is relevant, the audience will be more inclined to consume it. It's not that difficult to quality your audience, you see!

Understand your reader's pain 

As copywriting legend Dan Kennedy put it, "… people are more likely to act to avoid pain than to get gain."

Hence try to identify the reader's problem and stir up all the painful emotions connected with the problem and give them a solution. It will give you a way to craft targeted, emotional copies pulling in the right target audience.

Today, a lot of content marketers are great at bringing up the real problem and delivering the solution. What is often overlooked is the agitation part.

How do you "agitate?"

It's simple! Instead of jumping right into the solution, try painting a picture that shows the full consequences of your reader's problem. Explain why they should read the content and how will it benefit them in the long run.

Keep them engaged 

For every writer there comes a time when he/ she is bound to have a few slow spots in their content and when the reader's attention might wane a bit. This is because the moment that your pace "lets up" in your writing, there's a chance that your reader will get distracted and abandon your blog post. And may be forever! Don't worry there are ways to fix this.

Always keep the "seeds of curiosity," and give your readers an incentive to keep reading.

One effective way is to add a short line at the end of a paragraph that entices the reader to continue on to the next para. Use phrases such as, let me explain, stay with me, read more to find, and so on.

Or you can take a subtle approach such as ending with a question. This encourages folks to keep reading because when we come across a question, we naturally want to know the answer.

At PioneerMarketers, we exactly know who our audience is and hence we customize all our email lists to live up to the expectation of our clients.

Monday, 5 December 2016

How to make blogging regularly easy

I recently made a new goal to write more, at least writing one blog post a once in week. More and more brands are now trying to catch on to how important blogging is. I thought I'd share some of the hurdles my clients and I sometimes face when it comes to blogging on a regular basis, as well as tips and tools to make it easier. If you are running short of ideas, make use of the tools that will highlight here and your post will seem to flow. The title, the headers, and everything else will just come out easily. I am listing some of the most useful tools to use for brainstorming:

Answer The Public
My Google Analytics data
My Google Webmaster Tools
Portent Idea Generator
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Sometimes by simply just recapping industry news, sharing infographics, or doing roundups of industry blogs or books can help you get amazing ideas.

Grasp of grammar

There are some good tools such as Microsoft Word or autocorrect in Skype and Chrome that make it super easy to minimize spelling mistakes or grammar errors. However, just because someone has these tools available, it doesn't mean that they are necessarily good in writing. Not everyone is a blessed skilled writer, and to be able to write for several different industries, business verticals or in-depth for specific sectors is something that takes a lot of time to pick up.

Whether you are hiring out or assigning blog post creation to someone in your team, it is mandatory to know the basic rules of grammar and spelling. Riddling your content with typos or malformed sentences regularly is a direct reflection of your company and your brand, no matter who is writing it. It usually takes time to write coherent, mostly error-free content.

A writer can try running their content through three places:

HemingwayApp: A free tool, this is a brutal app and can rip you apart. But it does point out things you might not have noticed, for instance, passive sentences.

Grammarly: Free chrome that corrects grammar in emails and other text fields (such as WordPress text editor and so on). One can buy the membership to check your content in-browser, like Hemingway.

CopyScape: I run my employees' content and other content writer's work) through CopyScape to check for plagiarism and it is a paid tool.

Knowledge of best Web practices
Sometimes many good companies don't think about one important skill when shaping their strategy for writing blog posts is cross-training in aspects of the written word unique to the internet. Basic knowledge of HTML can help writers learn things like how to write while aligning images, writing effective alt text, and making sure there aren't unnecessary tags.

One must attribute proper image sourcing because the absence of proper attribution, websites that post content (no matter who has written) with badly sourced images can get you fined thousands of dollars. You can avoid by using some of these free image sources (or a stock photo membership):
Photopin (ensure use the code they give for proper attribution)

If all else seems to be failing, I sometimes also insert tweets, Facebook posts, in lieu of additional images for posts. As a result, my post gets more interactive and engaging.

Learn more about my content strategy plan and completely transform your business. PioneerMarketers is a global service provider of top selling B2C and B2B email lists fulfilling all your data needs.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Quick Tips to Attract New Subscribers

Before your subscribers ever get an email from your company/brand, they have to opt into your list. And the challenge is, how do you convince them to take that initial step?

Similar to building and establishing any new relationship, you first have to start a conversation - and that begins on your website. So we are today sharing the key insights on how to kick start building a new relationship with your client setting the right tone.

Find the right form style 

We have recently concluded a research that shows the most effective display forms to learn which performs better. Let's look at each of the display type:
Newsletter Subscription
Newsletter Subscription 

  • Pop-up: Sometimes referred to as a lightbox, this display type often appears at the centre of a website or shows up as 'flies out' in the corner.
  • Bar: Perhaps the most common is bar display type. It is a full-width bar that typically comes either at the top or bottom of your website.
  • Banner: This mostly appears at the top or bottom of a site and is a more subtle reaction. It starts in a 'hidden' state unless triggered and then rolls into sight. 
Based on search behaviour and user interaction, the banner outperforms both the pop-up and email bar. It is probable that due to so many pop ups, visitors may feel bombarded or overlook an email bar. However, the banner display seems to strike a happy medium between the two.
Striking a strategic placement

Strategic positioning of the display type is not just important but absolutely necessary. The sign up showcases the banner style, and they can up the game even more by strategically positioning it on website.

Announcing or introducing something new through display ads can yield great results. Many people may sign up for the first time, click through an ad, and land on the new page. Here form page and sign up (Call To Action) can play a big role. The concerned team will immediately identify the person by sending data and content after signing up.

Use a compelling lead magnet

At times the subscribers ask for a lot of information right out the gate. One can incentivize by providing that information by promising lots of great goodies and giving membership into an exclusive club.

Additionally, by making a lot of the form fields optional, one can allow people to only provide the information they are comfortable sharing.

To encourage sign ups, using a lead magnet, such as a discount or exclusive content that can attract many more subscribers. New subscribers are more likely to give you the information you want such as their name and email address, and other things that will help you learn more about them.

PioneerMarketers has been helping businesses of all sizes reach out to their customer base and prospects by utilizing digital marketing and quality sales leads. We have been able to develop a state-of-the-art email lists that offers unlimited access to the world's largest online database of business and consumer contacts at an unbeatable price.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Why Building an Email Database is so Important

In the current times, the competition among businesses is rising. The need of the hour is to put in place strategies to always be ahead of the competition. And to achieve this, perhaps one of the most effective ways is to deploy the email database service. Returns of email database marketing are many.

Email Database Marketing
Email Database Marketing 
Let's look into some of them:

Improved ROI

Whether you are building your own database or acquiring it on rent, rolling out marketing activities with email database list will help you maximize return on investment. Today there is no other form of marketing channel that can deliver better response rates.

Boost Revenues from Sales

Unlike other forms of popular marketing that follow hit and miss techniques, email marketing database provides full and direct access to existing and potential customers. A well-segmented and properly organized email database is definitely a better way for boosting sales without risking budget as it appeals to consumers who have already chosen to receive marketing information (collaterals) from you.

It is easy to identify their demographics and preferences, and customize your messages accordingly and target specific consumers who are receptive to them.

The Lifetime of Consumers' Increase 

The value of email database is tremendous. It stimulates brand loyalty as the email marketing allows you to build a one-to-one relationship with your consumers. With this, you are better prepared for keeping them hooked on your messages. The more they will spend time on gathering information on your products and services, the longer they are exposed to your website.

Brand Awareness

A robust email marketing list helps you to connect with your customers and stimulate brand recognition, which in turn results in the generation of brand awareness. Since email can be highly personalized, the process of brand awareness can be achieved far more efficiently in terms of cost and time. By utilizing the data appending services you can also append the missing information in your contact list.

Customer Reach

An email can become viral as it can be easily passed from one person to another in a matter of seconds. And as such your email database is not a static entity. The nature of email is dynamic and has the potential to expand with time. When you are channelizing your marketing efforts in an appropriate manner, your sales will be reflecting on the growing database. The email database in actuality does not only act as an asset, but it also acts as an investment for your business.

Gain Competitive Edge

Once you have built a positive relationship with your clients, you establish the trust factor with them. You can now enjoy their loyalty developed towards your brand and they have no reason to look anywhere else. It's obvious they will be more inclined to refer your services to their colleagues and friends. This way your sales can increase, and you can easily stay ahead of the competition. The best part of using email database service is, it can be well segmented based on your needs with geography and demography classification.

Customer Satisfaction

Exceeding customers' goals and expectations is something that every marketer desires to. The success of any business is dependent on its capability of meeting their clients' needs. Email acts as a two-way communication channel helping customers in providing important feedback that may enable you in continually improving your service or product.

The Email Database Marketing Services that PioneerMarketers provides is an effective way to communicate with customers and prospects. Globally renowned companies have understood the importance of email database marketing as it helps in attracting new customers while retaining the existing ones. If you are committed to boost your sales and marketing drive, the email database services from PioneerMarketers is your one stop solution.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Content Marketing Trends in the year 2017

As we all know, content marketing is crucially important in many niches and for many business models. Most of the writers know what kind of content they need. In this post we offer an overview of what to expect for 2017 and beyond. Let’s look at the top trends in content marketing to watch out for. The trends we discuss are for both B2C and B2B marketing:

Content marketing
Content marketing 

1) Live streaming will gain popularity: Recorded video will continue gain momentum. Facebook Live, SnapChat and YouTube Live will offer easy-to-use platforms for hosting live product briefings, tutorials, tours, product launch events, and more content.

2) Surge of more email newsletters: Most B2B marketers make use of email newsletters to connect and engage with prospects and share information with clients. 2017 is expected to see more of it. This is because email open rates are going up in certain cases

3) Storytelling, a key part of content marketing: A good story teller can always be good marketer. Audience are now tired of heavy content just for the sake of content. Just blogging or being active on social media will not help. The idea is to effectively engage with your customers and tell them a story.

4) Push advertising will definitely fade away: Push advertising will soon give way to native advertising. Ad blockers and general distaste for unnecessary pop-ups will continue to increase. Customers are finally taking matters into their own hands. On the other hand, advertising and ads aren’t going away, they’ll just evolve with time.

5) Mobile content: This is very vey important aspect to grow your business and drive sales. Make your blog and website easy to read on all mobile platforms. This is because more and more consumers are consuming content on tablets and mobile devices. Everything must be mobile first – design and create content for mobile consumption.

6) The social bug: Organic reach is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. Social channels typically Facebook, has changed its rules, making it difficult to get your content seen naturally. Of you want high visibility, reaching a large section on social media is going to take more advertising budget, or better online marketing.

7) More and more demand for interactive content: White papers and case studies will continue to be ‘hot stuff’ in many markets globally, but most content marketers must come up with ways to create interactive quizzes or presentations that grab their web visitor’s attention.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Ways to market your content effectively

As we all know, inbound marketing addresses content creation, but one should not create content without figuring out who you’re marketing (target audience) to and how you will market to them effectively. If you overlook these initial steps to ensure your content reaches the right set of audience, your content will not be successful. So if your content is placed on your website and not getting too many downloads or leads, there is certainly some problem with you promotion strategies. That being said, we are sharing useful ways to market your content, be it ebook, PPT, whitepaper, guide and so on:

1) To advertise your content offer, create a PPC campaign

Not only PPC is a great way to promote your company and its line of business, you can also set up a campaign to promote your content offer. It will boost visibility and downloads while providing vital information to searchers.

For instance, if I search for home remodeling, and I get to see a list of local companies trying to promote themselves. But if I have never heard of these companies, I will not be able to take a decision as to which home remodeling company is right for me?

Here’s when a content offer based PPC ad can play a significant role. If you’re advertising an ebook with a title named “How to Get the Best Home Remodeling Organization that suits your Timeline and Budget”. This will certainly stand out against the other ads and search results as it directly helps solve my problem. PPC ad will probably get the click and boost conversion.

Another great way to get your content offer on relevant websites is display ads. With display ads, you can choose the websites that you want your ad to pop up. This way, visitors who are browsing a popular website that you chose, can find your related content offer.

2) Guest blogging on popular websites

Some of the popular websites try to provide solutions to predominant problems that their readership is experiencing for a while. It is important to understand your buyer’s persona and the source from where do they get information. Once you get a clear picture of the websites your buyer persona is reading, see if these websites provide the platform for industry leaders to guest blog.
After getting the approval for guest blogging, you can write your articles, keeping them educational and without self-promoting. Always keep this in mind, you’re trying to help the reader solve a problem with your expertise and industry knowledge. Later, you can use your ebook as a next step call to action when the reader has finished the article and wants more information, your content offer is ready!

3) Email marketing is a great way to promote the ebook

If you have a set of clients or prospects who have already expressed interest in similar content offers, or those who have identified certain problems and they need some concrete resolution, let them know about your new content offer!
Come up with actions on your contact form such as,
Generate more leads
Rank higher on Google
Grow our web presence
Once you know a visitor is looking out for ways to rank higher on Google, you can create an e-book around the topic they are looking for. You must be consistent in blogging that brings visitors back to your website. You can also email your blog to the section of people you’re targeting.
When sending emails, try to keep it educational and try to help a segmented list of your contacts as your engagement level will be higher and your success will not be diminished.

4) Connect with niche audience on social media

Keep an eye on Twitter and LinkedIn for users that have been sharing similar content to what you have created. You can see who is getting the biggest reach in terms of likes and retweets by searching similar terms.

5) Reach out to industry influencers for getting their leadership approach

Industry influencers have two main business goals. First, to find relevant articles and share it with their fan base and to increase their reach. Hence, you can give them great content to share with their following and by increasing their reach just through a link or a quote in your content offer.
It works better if you give them an incentive to share your content offer. For instance, ask them for a quote that you can incorporate into your content (offer) or link it to another article they have previously written.

6) Look for other linking opportunities

Using tools such as AHREFs, you can actually get to see other websites who have linked to content like yours. You can reach out to them with your content offer link and see if they are willing to include a link to your resource. This is most helpful when you come across a broken link that your new link can replace.

7) Repurpose your content in different ways

By having multiple formats of your content, you have better chances of reaching a greater audience. Content can come in different ways such as a blog, an article, an infographic, snippets, videos, PPTs and much more. Infographic for instance, is great to share on social platforms, particularly Pinterest, because of its visual appeal.
Make use of these brilliant marketing tips and put in some extra effort to take a content offer from zero to hero.

About the author:

Marilyn Lyons is a veteran search, content and social marketer, and blogger at PioneerMarketers. Over the past one decade, Marilyn has successfully developed and implemented online marketing tactics and has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands. Her focus is to drive traffic and implement strategies for conversion campaigns for more than 100+ plus business of all sizes. In this blog, she is sharing some useful insights on how to market your content effectively to continually improve and maintain the quality of B2B email contact database. Over the years, she has been adding a number of B2C data cards to help you reach your niche target audience, the latest one being the Animal Food Manufacturers Email List. She enjoys working with a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the USA and UK region. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Demand Generation: To Make Your Business Stay in Demand Always

Some people mistake demand generation for lead generation, and consider it just good enough to fetch leads. Actually, it’s much more than that. Demand generation can be considered as the marriage of sales process and structured marketing programs coupled with lead management initiatives. It is a systematic process that incorporates targeted marketing practices to create awareness and interest in a company’s products and services.

One of the most vital components of demand generation is creating awareness, which involves multiple facets of marketing and needs continued efforts. Depending on the company size and complexity of sale, demand generation may include one or all of the following:

·         Branding
·         Inbound Marketing
o      Search Engine Optimization
o      Viral Marketing
o      Social Media Marketing
o      Email Marketing
o      Pay Per Click Marketing
·         Outbound Marketing
o      Inside Sales/Telemarketing
o      Outsourced Lead Generation
o      Outsourced Appointment Setting
·         Lead Nurturing and Scoring
·         Customer Interaction Improvement
·         Discovery Facilitation
·         Market Research
·         Sales and Marketing Alignment
·         Marketing Automation and Analytics

PioneerMarketers is one among the various organizations offering demand generation services. It employs latest demand generation techniques to create foolproof strategies for business and help clients achieve superior business results.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Online Reputation Management

Today with easy access to internet, one can get to know or post many things good & bad about you and your brand. Even if you don't see anything spoken bad today that doesn’t it cannot happen tomorrow.

Not everyone associated with your company will be happy with your brand. Similarly, all your customers cannot be happy with your products and services or maybe they are too upset or angry. With social media it takes fraction of seconds for an unhappy customer or employee to talk bad about your brand. Worst, it then appears on search engines like Google and can be viewed by your prospects, business partners, stock holders, journalists. Sadly, it takes a lot to clear that tarnished brand image.

Online reputation management is the process of handling your brand’s reputation online. There are companies providing this service. You can get in touch with them. These professionals take care of all the bad words spreading in the webosphere about you. Online brand reputation management in general has these steps:
  • Assessing the problem
  • Developing plan
  • Creating positive buzz about your brand
  • Starting positive conversation on social networking sites
  • Posting positive comments and USPs about your brand to surpass the bad comments appearing on search engines
  • Monitoring  brand’s rank on search engines and ensure negative publicity to appear at least after top 20 search results
PioneerMarketers offers online reputation management services that help you build a strong online presence. With our strategic planning and implementation, you can create a positive impact on your target audience and maintain it. To know more about this, you can talk to us.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Email Marketing: What Is It All About

Email marketing is used by big, small and medium sized companies to promote their business among potential clients as a direct marketing tool. The customers can be existing clients of the company, or some new prospective buyers.

In general, bulk mail is an identical message sent to each recipient present in the email list, using some special software. However, one may personalize the message for each client by creating mailing list that groups the subscribers based on their individual interests or preferences. Email marketing method, also known as ‘mass email marketing’, is largely explored by online entrepreneurs to generate web traffic.
Progressing with the successive campaigns and zeroing on the probable buyers, eventually results in increased web traffic and in turn sales. Going down the line, one gets a list of repeat clients that can be tapped each time a new product or service is offered. These clients begin to trust you and your product, and do not shy away from trying out innovative products; moreover they recommend it further to their acquaintances. This forms a chain of buyers, which shoots up the sale and brings welcome revenues for the companies.
PioneerMarketers provides people with business lists for running online promotional campaigns for email marketing. The mailing lists are verified by experts and highly targeted, and help people reach business prospects with ease.

Friday, 30 September 2016

What is Context-based Lead Nurturing?

The goal behind every marketing strategy is to make sales happen – Selling to either new or existing customer. Lead nurturing is no different. Ideally, a lead nurturing program is done for brand or product awareness, educating prospects/customers industry best practices, etc. The ultimate goal however is to make the prospect/customer buy your product/service.

It is thus very important you should emphasize on contextual lead nurturing – Nurturing prospects/customers based on their initial activities/conversation with you. Broadly, contextual lead nurturing demands from you
  1. To know what distinguishes your leads from other contacts in your list.
  2. How did this lead come in to your lead nurturing list – Free Sample Trial form, Downloaded a whitepaper, responded to your initial emails.
  3. Segment your lead nurturing prospect list based on Point 2.

People who have signed up for a free sample don’t need to be educated about your product, rather they expect some offers/discounts related emails from you. These people are closer to the sales cycle. Similarly, people who have signed up for a webinar or tradeshows are interested in your products and services. They expect more education/informative email and documents in support of your products/services. You cannot run same lead nurturing campaign for different categories of leads.

Thus it becomes very important to understand, through which way a prospect enter your lead nurturing program. Plan your nurturing program accordingly – context-based lead nurturing.

Pioneer Marketers has helped its clients in their lead nurturing initiatives. We will prepare customized lead nurturing strategy for you based on your prospects profile and interest.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Get Rid of Monsters in Your Database

Though monsters in movies are entertaining, it is not so in the case of your database. Monsters in your database are an aspect to be seriously worried about and acted on at once. Monsters might not be magnanimous; they can come in all shapes and sizes. However here are, three disastrous monsters you need to drive away right now:

1.    Bouncing Email Addresses:
2.    High Complaint rate
3.    High Spam rate

How to get rid of these monsters?

Ø  Data Hygiene: Clean your database regularly may be on a monthly basis. Check for invalid or dead email addresses and update them. If you fail to update your incorrect email addresses, delete the records. Remember that the three bounce mantra no more works. For major email clients, even one email bounce, your reputation is hampered. Include only double opt-in records to your database. Do not accept contacts event that are just opted-in. They might just be cold leads.

Ø  Valuable Content: Do not send irrelevant content. Send only client-specific content. Segment your database based on their preferences and craft content based on these segments.

Ø  Identify Yourself: Tell your email recipients who you are in the beginning of the email. Recipients might mark your email as SPAM even if they dint recognize you. To be identifiable just by looking at your email, you need to maintain consistency in all your emails you send. Follow consistent color patterns.

Ø  Unsubscribe Link: Unsubscribe is always better than a Spam complaint. If you think you are being intelligent by not giving an unsubscribe link in your email, you are definitely going to fall prey for SPAM complaints.

Ø  Frequency: It is true that the recipient has signed for your emails because he/she is interested in your products/services. However, you should not annoy them with too many emails. The frequency depends on your business and audience behavior.

 If you are relying on email marketing, you ought to check out these tips to get rid of the three bothersome monsters. If you find it tough, we are always here to help you out. Please feel free to call us on 888-400-1602 or email us at

Click Here to sign up and PioneerMarketers' Marketing Consultants will assist you with the perfect solutions for your issues.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Why Is SEO So Relevant For Your Website?

Internet has become a necessity these days, as we depend on it for our daily chores, making purchases, paying bills, searching for a recipe, making presentations or connecting with our loved ones. While searching for some information on the internet, it’s just the first few results that catch our attention. As a user, we believe that the top results are the best ones, and we try to derive answers for our queries from them.

This search methodology or modus operandi is convenient for the users as it saves their time, but is highly risky for the businesses. If your website doesn’t show in the top 10 searches, nobody knows about your business and doesn’t care to know as well. Your business is non-existent for a majority of the people; which results in decreased traffic, less number of visitors to your website, and in-turn paltry revenue.

That’s the reason why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important for your website and for the success of your business. Search engine optimization techniques improve the visibility of your website in organic search results (non-paid search results) and monetize it.

  • ·        Legitimate and ethical search engine optimization techniques
  •     Highly effective, proprietary search engine optimization
  •     Customized SEO solutions tailored specifically for your unique business needs
  •      Higher return on investment and enhanced brand awareness
  •     Increased number of customers, PR building and Lasting results

Monday, 20 June 2016

How to Build Up Your Identity with Brand Management Service

Brand Management Service – What is it to do with brand management when we already have a Brand? With today’s competitive market, ‘Branding’ is the differentiator amongst your competitors. Now, the real challenge is to attain a budget-friendly Branding Solution and this is possible through our online Brand Management Service.

Branding your products and your services would not be just enough; your brand needs to be visible, popular and positive. You can build credibility by boosting your brand image. That is the reason to have Branding as an intricate part of marketing.

Our Brand Management Service takes care of Social Media Optimization, Reputation Management, Directory Submissions, Article Submissions, Deep Link Submissions, Blog Submissions, Video Marketing and Social Bookmarking.

Brand Management Service is based on your specific requirements as all the organizations do not function and deal the same. The aspects we consider for your branding are Your Logo, Audience, Blogs, Forums, Marketing Needs, Offline Identity, Your Mission, Your Unique Selling Proposition and Customer Acceptance of Your Products and Services.

Call us on 888-400-1602 (Toll Free) and to know how we can help you build a remarkable Brand online.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

10 Tips To Stand out in a Crowd

With current hyperventilating competition in the market, marketers really need to buck up to show customers how different they are from others. Though there are hundreds of companies selling the same product as yours, you need to prove that you really have that wow factor in you. So to make it happen, here are 10 tips that will take you a step ahead and make your business rock!

1.    Be unique. In whatever you do, be it content or website design or promoting products/services, be different from others. Come up with a perfect unique selling proposition for your products/services.

2.    Be authentic. People like companies who are real, genuine and do not fool around with customers. Though the quality of the services is a key aspect considered by customers, they never do business with companies whom they do not like or trust.

3.    Become the expert. Make sincere efforts to know your marketing tactics. The best way to show your customers that you are an expert is by providing relevant, niche and original collaterals.

4.    Make it likeable and shareable. Be socially present everywhere in the social. And write content that triggers the users to like or share. This helps to enhance your social presence.

5.    Reach out more audience. Do not restrict yourself to just one type of marketing. Utilize all types like email, online, direct, telephone and every type that is compatible for your business. This can help you get in touch with more people and as a result, you can get more prospects and likely more customers. However, do not over spend on new techniques. First try out with minimal budgets and then increase your budgets.

6.    Word of honor. Though very effective, needs a lot of efforts to implement. Promising, every marketer does. But keeping up the promises not many do. So commit yourselves to your customers and deliver what you have promised. You will definitely win the word of honor.

7.    Plan to face the competition. With the now market, it would be insane not expect competitors to overthrow you. So, always try to predict what might come your way to disturb your business and have solutions beforehand. Keep yourself updated with current trends and technologies and most importantly your competitors.

8.    Be a news watchdog for your client. Clients usually like news about their businesses. So when you update them with this, they will definitely be impressed.

9.    Give away something valuable for free. This tactic has been working since ages. When you give something for nothing in return, customers will definitely get attracted. Though it is implemented by most of the marketers, try to stand out by giving something that adds value to your client and his business.

10. Become your customer’s customer. Next time you need something, you can always check if any of your customers offer what you need and partner with them. This creates stickiness between you and your customer. Remember that relationships play a key role in business.

You need more help with your marketing, we would be obliged to assist you with our expert marketing consultants.
You can get in touch with any of our consultants at PioneerMarketers TODAY! 
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Telephone: 888-400-1602

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Key Steps for Sales and Marketing Integration

Why is it always war between them?

Sales and Marketing are just like Tom and Jerry who keeps fighting all the time just for petty reasons. Nevertheless that the teams fight, the organization can also be held responsible for this. How can two teams work with correlation if they do not work towards the same goal? How can they have a great rapport if they do not have the slightest as what the other team is up to?

So, it’s not just about the teams but the complete organization come up with the solutions. With this volatile market in place, it would become very tough for the businesses to move ahead with great Sales and Marketing.

What steps are you taking to integrate both the teams?

If you haven’t started anything, it’s high time you buck up and start helping out your teams and bring them together to work as a team and not as competitors. All you need to do is a few changes in the process, and you are done. Here are few links Pioneer Marketers’ consultants suggests you to make it happening between the two teams.

Step 1 – Modify the complete revenue cycle
Step 2 – Develop a common vocabulary
Step 3 – Have a closed loop reporting system
Step 4 – Foster respect and trust

These steps can definitely assure you a systematic revenue pipeline and visible growth in the ROI.

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