Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Get Rid of Monsters in Your Database

Though monsters in movies are entertaining, it is not so in the case of your database. Monsters in your database are an aspect to be seriously worried about and acted on at once. Monsters might not be magnanimous; they can come in all shapes and sizes. However here are, three disastrous monsters you need to drive away right now:

1.    Bouncing Email Addresses:
2.    High Complaint rate
3.    High Spam rate

How to get rid of these monsters?

Ø  Data Hygiene: Clean your database regularly may be on a monthly basis. Check for invalid or dead email addresses and update them. If you fail to update your incorrect email addresses, delete the records. Remember that the three bounce mantra no more works. For major email clients, even one email bounce, your reputation is hampered. Include only double opt-in records to your database. Do not accept contacts event that are just opted-in. They might just be cold leads.

Ø  Valuable Content: Do not send irrelevant content. Send only client-specific content. Segment your database based on their preferences and craft content based on these segments.

Ø  Identify Yourself: Tell your email recipients who you are in the beginning of the email. Recipients might mark your email as SPAM even if they dint recognize you. To be identifiable just by looking at your email, you need to maintain consistency in all your emails you send. Follow consistent color patterns.

Ø  Unsubscribe Link: Unsubscribe is always better than a Spam complaint. If you think you are being intelligent by not giving an unsubscribe link in your email, you are definitely going to fall prey for SPAM complaints.

Ø  Frequency: It is true that the recipient has signed for your emails because he/she is interested in your products/services. However, you should not annoy them with too many emails. The frequency depends on your business and audience behavior.

 If you are relying on email marketing, you ought to check out these tips to get rid of the three bothersome monsters. If you find it tough, we are always here to help you out. Please feel free to call us on 888-400-1602 or email us at info@pioneermarketers.biz

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