Thursday, 31 May 2012

3 Ways to Boost Your Lagging Email Campaign Results

When marketers started email marketing way back in early 2000, most direct marketers thought it as a passing fad. Now, email marketing is leading the charts as one of the most effective marketing channel. But with severe competition, response from email marketing is taking a back seat.
In this scenario, how do you take email marketing to the next level? What are the options available to take email marketing to the next level?
Email Campaign Results

In our experience, we found successful marketers are using these three tactics to take email marketing to the next level .

Send Tailor Made Messaging to subscribers
Avoid sending irrelevant message to your subscribers. Instead, use tailor made content in all email communication that triggers interest from recipients.

Automate Email Campaigns for efficiency
Email campaigns tools help you to send, track and manage email campaigns with more ease and precision. With campaign automation software, you can create trigged messaging based on rules, increase email delivery rate, and get more responses. In addition, automation makes it easy for you to measure and track the open, clicks, and unsubscribe rate of the campaigns.

Targeting & segmentation
Segmentation of subscribers in your database and sending relevant offers increases the effectiveness of your email campaign.  You can segment subscribers into silos by different parameters. For instance, you can group subscribers by what they bought, or on how much they spend or by location, title, etc.  Email campaigns send to subscribers will generate more response than sending generic offers to entire users.

Final Thought…
Time and again, we've seen companies dramatically campaign response by using these points in your campaign. You too can take your email marketing to the next level by utilizing the same points mentioned above and achieve higher results.

Monday, 14 May 2012

10 seconds is all you have…

Attract… Engage… Action…
All you have is just seconds to grab the attention of the visitors and to make them take some action. Once a visitor comes to your website, you need to take care of three key aspects…

1.    Grab their attention
2.    Show them a reason to stay
3.    Oblige them to take action

On a timeline of 10 seconds, let us see how visitors behave. The timeline can be segmented into three parts.


The first three seconds of time period can be stated as the crucial phase where the visitors decide to stay or not on the website. Hence, once the visitors enter your website, you need to influence them to stay on the website. The information should be impactful and interesting that it should compel them to stay on the site for more time.


Once you attract the visitors and make them stay on your page, you need to engage them. You can do this by providing them valuable and factual information in an easily understandable way. The time to comprehend the information should be minimal.

Your content being pretty enough won’t do, it has to be too good and useful to make it worthwhile. Remember that webpages are usually scanned and not read. So you need to change their focus from just scanning to reading sections in your pages and keynoting the ideas from the concepts.


Visitors have come to the concluding stage. They have gone through the material and want to take the next action. Provide them with a clear call-to-action. As a thumb rule, make the calls-to-action clickable. Do not give just vague calls-to-action like “Click Here” and leave them in the dark. Be specific and clear like “Click here to download the EBook”.

These Attracting, Engaging and Actionable techniques are the key elements that make the website super gluing.

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