Friday, 4 November 2016

Content Marketing Trends in the year 2017

As we all know, content marketing is crucially important in many niches and for many business models. Most of the writers know what kind of content they need. In this post we offer an overview of what to expect for 2017 and beyond. Let’s look at the top trends in content marketing to watch out for. The trends we discuss are for both B2C and B2B marketing:

Content marketing
Content marketing 

1) Live streaming will gain popularity: Recorded video will continue gain momentum. Facebook Live, SnapChat and YouTube Live will offer easy-to-use platforms for hosting live product briefings, tutorials, tours, product launch events, and more content.

2) Surge of more email newsletters: Most B2B marketers make use of email newsletters to connect and engage with prospects and share information with clients. 2017 is expected to see more of it. This is because email open rates are going up in certain cases

3) Storytelling, a key part of content marketing: A good story teller can always be good marketer. Audience are now tired of heavy content just for the sake of content. Just blogging or being active on social media will not help. The idea is to effectively engage with your customers and tell them a story.

4) Push advertising will definitely fade away: Push advertising will soon give way to native advertising. Ad blockers and general distaste for unnecessary pop-ups will continue to increase. Customers are finally taking matters into their own hands. On the other hand, advertising and ads aren’t going away, they’ll just evolve with time.

5) Mobile content: This is very vey important aspect to grow your business and drive sales. Make your blog and website easy to read on all mobile platforms. This is because more and more consumers are consuming content on tablets and mobile devices. Everything must be mobile first – design and create content for mobile consumption.

6) The social bug: Organic reach is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. Social channels typically Facebook, has changed its rules, making it difficult to get your content seen naturally. Of you want high visibility, reaching a large section on social media is going to take more advertising budget, or better online marketing.

7) More and more demand for interactive content: White papers and case studies will continue to be ‘hot stuff’ in many markets globally, but most content marketers must come up with ways to create interactive quizzes or presentations that grab their web visitor’s attention.

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