Sunday, 8 May 2016

10 Tips To Stand out in a Crowd

With current hyperventilating competition in the market, marketers really need to buck up to show customers how different they are from others. Though there are hundreds of companies selling the same product as yours, you need to prove that you really have that wow factor in you. So to make it happen, here are 10 tips that will take you a step ahead and make your business rock!

1.    Be unique. In whatever you do, be it content or website design or promoting products/services, be different from others. Come up with a perfect unique selling proposition for your products/services.

2.    Be authentic. People like companies who are real, genuine and do not fool around with customers. Though the quality of the services is a key aspect considered by customers, they never do business with companies whom they do not like or trust.

3.    Become the expert. Make sincere efforts to know your marketing tactics. The best way to show your customers that you are an expert is by providing relevant, niche and original collaterals.

4.    Make it likeable and shareable. Be socially present everywhere in the social. And write content that triggers the users to like or share. This helps to enhance your social presence.

5.    Reach out more audience. Do not restrict yourself to just one type of marketing. Utilize all types like email, online, direct, telephone and every type that is compatible for your business. This can help you get in touch with more people and as a result, you can get more prospects and likely more customers. However, do not over spend on new techniques. First try out with minimal budgets and then increase your budgets.

6.    Word of honor. Though very effective, needs a lot of efforts to implement. Promising, every marketer does. But keeping up the promises not many do. So commit yourselves to your customers and deliver what you have promised. You will definitely win the word of honor.

7.    Plan to face the competition. With the now market, it would be insane not expect competitors to overthrow you. So, always try to predict what might come your way to disturb your business and have solutions beforehand. Keep yourself updated with current trends and technologies and most importantly your competitors.

8.    Be a news watchdog for your client. Clients usually like news about their businesses. So when you update them with this, they will definitely be impressed.

9.    Give away something valuable for free. This tactic has been working since ages. When you give something for nothing in return, customers will definitely get attracted. Though it is implemented by most of the marketers, try to stand out by giving something that adds value to your client and his business.

10. Become your customer’s customer. Next time you need something, you can always check if any of your customers offer what you need and partner with them. This creates stickiness between you and your customer. Remember that relationships play a key role in business.

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