Sunday, 3 April 2016

Key Steps for Sales and Marketing Integration

Why is it always war between them?

Sales and Marketing are just like Tom and Jerry who keeps fighting all the time just for petty reasons. Nevertheless that the teams fight, the organization can also be held responsible for this. How can two teams work with correlation if they do not work towards the same goal? How can they have a great rapport if they do not have the slightest as what the other team is up to?

So, it’s not just about the teams but the complete organization come up with the solutions. With this volatile market in place, it would become very tough for the businesses to move ahead with great Sales and Marketing.

What steps are you taking to integrate both the teams?

If you haven’t started anything, it’s high time you buck up and start helping out your teams and bring them together to work as a team and not as competitors. All you need to do is a few changes in the process, and you are done. Here are few links Pioneer Marketers’ consultants suggests you to make it happening between the two teams.

Step 1 – Modify the complete revenue cycle
Step 2 – Develop a common vocabulary
Step 3 – Have a closed loop reporting system
Step 4 – Foster respect and trust

These steps can definitely assure you a systematic revenue pipeline and visible growth in the ROI.

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