Friday, 30 September 2016

What is Context-based Lead Nurturing?

The goal behind every marketing strategy is to make sales happen – Selling to either new or existing customer. Lead nurturing is no different. Ideally, a lead nurturing program is done for brand or product awareness, educating prospects/customers industry best practices, etc. The ultimate goal however is to make the prospect/customer buy your product/service.

It is thus very important you should emphasize on contextual lead nurturing – Nurturing prospects/customers based on their initial activities/conversation with you. Broadly, contextual lead nurturing demands from you
  1. To know what distinguishes your leads from other contacts in your list.
  2. How did this lead come in to your lead nurturing list – Free Sample Trial form, Downloaded a whitepaper, responded to your initial emails.
  3. Segment your lead nurturing prospect list based on Point 2.

People who have signed up for a free sample don’t need to be educated about your product, rather they expect some offers/discounts related emails from you. These people are closer to the sales cycle. Similarly, people who have signed up for a webinar or tradeshows are interested in your products and services. They expect more education/informative email and documents in support of your products/services. You cannot run same lead nurturing campaign for different categories of leads.

Thus it becomes very important to understand, through which way a prospect enter your lead nurturing program. Plan your nurturing program accordingly – context-based lead nurturing.

Pioneer Marketers has helped its clients in their lead nurturing initiatives. We will prepare customized lead nurturing strategy for you based on your prospects profile and interest.