Friday, 1 January 2016

Take Command of Database Marketing - Intelligently Targeted EMAIL

How do you generate higher conversion from email blast? Do you always depend on in-house data to connect with prospective buyers for your products or services?

Readily available contact information holds the key to reaching business buyers and prospects. If go beyond contact data, we will find these aspects.

Marketing Campaign = Attractive Offer + Right Audience + Contact Information

Best way to catch the attention of your audience is through targeted email campaigns. Apart from providing cost-effective solutions, email channels help to generate new prospects and increase sales.

But before you start your email campaign, ensure to validate, clean and dedupe contacts. Also check the following data parameters in your contact information::

  • Ensure that you send to correct people - Validate name and address data 
  • Tele-verify contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Avoid duplicate mailing by eliminating duplicate data 
  • Check data against goneaway and deceased suppression files
If you're looking for additional data to supplement your in-house database, then PioneerMarketers can help you by providing company data-sets. Our typical business contact information includes:
  • Company name
  • Website URL
  • Trading & registered address
  • Phone, business email and fax number
  • Description about the Company 
  • SIC code 
  • More 
It's this simple to reach out for additional information. You are in charge of marketing your product or service. Start with improving data quality and you're on the path to increase leads for your brand.

So, start today. Or if you need any help, please call our representative at this toll free # 888-400-1602.