Sunday, 20 March 2016

Choose the Right Keyword for your SEO

Keywords – the core element of SEO with which the search strings are matched against. Choosing the right and the relevant keywords is the first and foremost step towards the SEO.

Choose and optimize the right Keyword

With the websites’ population increasing day by day, it’s not enough to top the charts just once, you need to be consistent. Choose the keywords you are going to use for the optimization. If you have a site about Cosmetics, you cannot use ‘cosmetics’ or ‘cosmetic’ as the keyword. You need to try keywords like ‘cosmetic products online’ or ‘cosmetic online shop’, etc. You need to list down the keywords that describe your products and services and optimize those keywords.

Keywords in title tag

The title tag is the one of the best places to have your keyword. The page title should not exceed than seven words and it is always better to have the keyword at the beginning of the title.

Keyword density

Keyword density = (number of keywords/total number of words*100). The optimum keyword density is 3-7%. If the density is above 10% it looks as like a “Black-hat” practice.

Keyword in headings and sub-headings

Keywords in headings and sub-headings matter. See to it that you have relevant content that supports your keywords.


Along with the keywords, you can optimize key-phrases which can make your page rank high in the search engines. Once you have keywords that are quite popular, it’s time to have strings that matches with more number of searches. Try to tweak your keywords to make key-phrases, there’s no doubt that your rankings will go up.

Keyword font size and format

Highlight the keywords in the page larger font compared to the other text. Keywords can also be emphasized by making it bold and italics. However, you cannot forgo your design for SEO.

Though there are many other aspects to be considered during SEO, ‘Keywords’ is the prime aspect.