Friday, 6 January 2017

Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing in 2017

We all know email marketing is a powerful channel to engage your audience with content and to nurture your leads. This blogpost will give you strategies you should start implementing to keep yourself ahead in 2017 and in the years to come.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing 

  • Email those who want to hear from you

If you have email lists with little engagement activity, please stop sending emails to them. Whenever you send to a list with low engagement rate, it hampers your domain reputation and your chances of connecting with potential customers.

When you receive bulk of emails from brands you don't like to engage with is most likely tiresome. You must empathize with your subscribers and send them what they are likely to read and respond to.

  • Set goal for each email before you send

If you don't set a goal before sending out an email, the recipient too won't know what the goal is. Defining a goal for your email can define your success. Goals for your emails could include filling out a contact form for a gated content offer to provide your team with relevant information about their organization, giving them promo-code for making a purchase on your website. Try giving your recipients messages, such as calls-to-action and links in text, so they have multiple ways to achieve your goal. Try experimenting with your email content as everyone's behaviour is different.

  • Personalization and testing your emails

Email personalization can work wonders. For instance, the emails with the recipients' first names in the subject lines had higher Click Through Rates (CTR) than emails that didn't. Stick to basics when personalizing your emails. Personalize according to recipient names and company names. Start with a "Dear Customer" or "Dear First Name" email and always test every email to make sure you're sending to the right people.
  • Send emails from personalized account

Refrain from sending emails from a "noreply" email account. On your end too personalization works. Boost your engagement levels by personalizing the "from" email address to drive more replies from subscribers to a real person instead of ""

  • Try sending emails on different days of the week

Try not to send emails on Tuesdays. This is because Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the most popular days to send email. As a result, the inbox is oversaturated with messages that might be overwhelming your subscribers. Mondays and Fridays are the best days to send emails. Those emails that have calls-to-action perform well on Saturdays. Hence sending an email on a Saturday is not at all a bad idea.

  • Engage with contacts that've submitted forms and shown interest

People who are showing their interest by filling out the form page and providing their email address, their engagement rates are higher than cold contacts you've extracted from a list. It is clear they want to hear from you and chose to engage with you.

  • Get to the problem

If people are unsubscribing you, try to identify the potential cause. Send fewer emails to subscribers who aren't engaging as much. If people are not opening your emails, figure out what's going wrong. It clearly shows you're missing the expectations of your recipients and that you should prepare for the worse to come. If people mark you as spam, that moment itself stop sending email and identify the source of the complaints.

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