Monday, 21 November 2016

Quick Tips to Attract New Subscribers

Before your subscribers ever get an email from your company/brand, they have to opt into your list. And the challenge is, how do you convince them to take that initial step?

Similar to building and establishing any new relationship, you first have to start a conversation - and that begins on your website. So we are today sharing the key insights on how to kick start building a new relationship with your client setting the right tone.

Find the right form style 

We have recently concluded a research that shows the most effective display forms to learn which performs better. Let's look at each of the display type:
Newsletter Subscription
Newsletter Subscription 

  • Pop-up: Sometimes referred to as a lightbox, this display type often appears at the centre of a website or shows up as 'flies out' in the corner.
  • Bar: Perhaps the most common is bar display type. It is a full-width bar that typically comes either at the top or bottom of your website.
  • Banner: This mostly appears at the top or bottom of a site and is a more subtle reaction. It starts in a 'hidden' state unless triggered and then rolls into sight. 
Based on search behaviour and user interaction, the banner outperforms both the pop-up and email bar. It is probable that due to so many pop ups, visitors may feel bombarded or overlook an email bar. However, the banner display seems to strike a happy medium between the two.
Striking a strategic placement

Strategic positioning of the display type is not just important but absolutely necessary. The sign up showcases the banner style, and they can up the game even more by strategically positioning it on website.

Announcing or introducing something new through display ads can yield great results. Many people may sign up for the first time, click through an ad, and land on the new page. Here form page and sign up (Call To Action) can play a big role. The concerned team will immediately identify the person by sending data and content after signing up.

Use a compelling lead magnet

At times the subscribers ask for a lot of information right out the gate. One can incentivize by providing that information by promising lots of great goodies and giving membership into an exclusive club.

Additionally, by making a lot of the form fields optional, one can allow people to only provide the information they are comfortable sharing.

To encourage sign ups, using a lead magnet, such as a discount or exclusive content that can attract many more subscribers. New subscribers are more likely to give you the information you want such as their name and email address, and other things that will help you learn more about them.

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