Thursday, 29 March 2012

4 Surefire Ways to Reach Prospect's Inbox

As per the 2011 end report by MarketingSherpa, commercial email deliverability has taken a beating, while B2B in-box deliverability has gone up by 6 percent.

Despite the good news on B2B email deliverability, most B2B marketers still regard email deliverability as the biggest challenge faced by marketers. The rise in in-box solicitations, incessant email by mailing by marketers has led to more dwindling response and higher scrutiny by ISPs.

Having said that, we would like to know if you are experiencing a spike in email deliverability? What are you the steps you are taking to maintain high email deliverability score?

For marketers still battling the deliverability issues, this blog post points out some rudimentary tips to keep you on the increase in-box deliverability

Authenticate: Authentication service ensure that your email program is mandated by the ISP. Moreover iit reduces the instances of 'false positive', in other words being wrongly tagged as a spammer.

Whiltelist: Remind subscribers to add you to their address list. Once your email address is whitelisted, it guarantees safe passage of your email to their in-box.

Scrub List regularly:  Data is very unpredictable. Changes in user's job profile, location, etc will make the contact irrelevant. To keep up such changes in contact information, you should have regular data updation or validation.

Append Data: Another way to update aging data is by availing data appending service. There're many third-part appending service you can choose to update your contact list. Using such appending service provider, you can connect with more people accurately.

Final Note:
There's no one way to increase your email deliverability. It takes multiple approaches to consistently get high deliverability to your business emails. So, keep in mind all the strategies you can find to keep you data in good shape.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Navigating the Email Marketing Maze

Email Marketing needs assessment is the first step towards developing a framework for your email marketing plan. This process starts with figuring out the primary marketing goals to mapping the entire email marketing set-up.

So, before you head towards the execution, we recommend you to access all activities starting from locating customer data, to tracking email marketing campaigns. But with all the intricacies of email marketing, most email marketers are lost in the maze of data and technologies.
As one of the leading email marketing player, PioneerMarketers understand the importance of adapting to the fast changing email marketing landscape.
The best way to thrive in the fast paced email marketing scenario is to follow these basic steps. 
  1. Find the objective of the campaign 
  2. Understand the user persona 
  3. Build prospect database
  4. Prepare the value proposition
  5. Write and design the email creative 
  6. Personalize the creative 
  7. Test the email campaign
  8. Broadcast email marketing messages 
  9. Track the email campaign 
  10. Refine the prospect list and optimize the campaign

If you still need help on initial email marketing set-up, then we have the 'Strategy & Needs Assessment Services' to get you started. Contact PioneerMarketers to expand or enhance your existing email marketing efforts in the right direction.