Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Five Untold Secrets for Email Campaign Success (Part 2)

Secrets Continued...

Forget Deadlines

When you don’t have anything interesting to tell your recipients, better skip it rather than sending it just for the sake of it. Most email marketers fail to create incredible emails because they are forced to deliver emails as per their schedule. If you have stringent deadlines and you are forced to write emails in stipulated time without any happening events, your emails will look fluffy and disinteresting. In the contrary, if you have too many things happening all around and you try to stuff in everything into one email, your email will look overloaded with information. Making it obvious, your subject line would also be chock-full. So, keep your emails niche, crisp and relevant. Neither send too frequently nor too rarely. Have a predefined frequency for your campaigns. If you want to launch special campaigns, explain your recipients about in the email.

Steal Good Ideas

Every email holder gets hundreds of emails every day. So check out these emails and pick out the few emails that interests you most and start replicating those emails. However, you need to make it suit your business. If something is working good, make it work better for you. Keep monitoring such emails and you can definitely get hold of great techniques.

Test Everything

OMG! That URL is broken link or the wrong link. The image isn’t appearing in the email. These are a few jinx in any email. Yet you cannot afford to miss these when you are sending out campaigns to thousands of recipients. Doing once might not prove a much of loss. But imagine this happening always to your emails and worse to this you just let it go? You will find your opt-out rate shooting to the skies. Avoid these mishaps by just running testing your emails. The best way to test your email is by sending it to your email ID. Test it with all the major email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Checking once wouldn’t do. Double check every tiny aspect in your email. 

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Five Untold Secrets for Email Campaign Success (Part1)

You are head over heels about email marketing. You must have sweat out reading innumerable articles and newsletters for tips and tricks that can give you an astounding email campaign success. But you are worth more!

Email Marketing is like an ocean that gets updated every now with new currents flowing in. But for assiduous marketers like you it would be tough to cut through these currents. Here are five secrets untold till date that would prove handy to you in plight.

Change the Substance

Emails not happening? Might be due to outdated email subject lines. Stop your ongoing email campaign launches and review all your email you have sent till now. Look at all the tracking results of all your emails and apprehend the audience’s pulse.
You need to step into the recipients’ shoes to assess their behavior. Just take a glance at your inbox. Do you find any emails that you never open? I know you would find a pile of it. You don’t open those emails for two reasons. Either the subject line is too irrelevant to you or it does not explain what in it for you. So now you know how to and how not to craft email subject lines.

The next thing is the take away in the email. The substance in the email should withhold the promise of your subject line. This means the entire substance of the email has to be changed. Keep experimenting with new approaches and track the results. Do this until you find a miraculous change in your results.

Don’t Just Sell. But Sell…

Does all your emails in the campaign have just “Click to buy it now” sort of calls-to-action? Well marketing is not just about selling. Give readers options apart from buying. Give them additional resources that add value to your brand. However do not distract from your actual business. The offers should enhance your brand and should convince them to build a relationship with you. Give them something for free. Even if they aren’t in need of the offer, they would be pleased to forward to their friends or family. Dig deeper into your audience’s behavior to know what offers ignite them. 

To be continued...

Monday, 18 June 2012

Website Analytics Tools – Free vs. Paid

We must always go for the best. Do not compromise on quality. Reject if it is not the best — not only the best in India, but globally” 

– Dhirubhai Ambani (Indian Industrialist, Founder of Reliance Industries)

As the above saying goes, if you want the best outcome from your business, opt for the best people who can deliver you the best results. This is a globally proven logic that applies to anything, be it even the tools you choose for your business.  So it applies even to the web analytics tools you choose to analyze your websites.

What is the note-worthy difference between the paid and the free web analytics tool?
It is not the tool that makes the difference but the features. Though the tool remains the same, the features that come along with the paid site analytics version, gives you access to more statistics. With the help of these, you can actually make changes in your website that can bring about a drastic change in your traffic patterns.

But, when does ‘paid’ web analytics tool prove fruitful to you? When you have huge volumes of site traffic i.e. at least thousands and the traffic flow is steady. So if your website satisfies this, you can definitely purchase a paid version of web analytics tools.

With the website analytics paid version, you can get niche information like the keywords that drives more traffic to your site. Based on this info, you can make your website the way you want to. You can keep yourself up-to-date with the market trends by following the analytics. The updates of the search engines can be tracked and likewise the changes can be made to the site content.

So when you are in a search for Website Analytics services, make it a sure-point that you check on all the features that are offered by the service provider. Choose your tool based on the features that can prove most apt for your website and help you drive in voracious traffic.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Search Engines – Fool-Proof Way to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Do you know that in every one minute there 694,445 search queries?

Yes! Search has become the Second biggest online fad, first being Email. Over the last decade, search has become so prominent that the most dedicated visitors to a site are searchers.

If a person is searching for a product or a service, he/she would search for it in the Search engines. And if your website can provide them with the information they are searching for, you have good chances of converting the traffic into customers with your persuasive content.

But, how to do drive traffic from search engines? That’s a tough question. For that, we need to know how Search Engines work. The two biggest search engines we need to assay about are Google Search and Bing Search. So now let’s see what aspects these search engines consider…

1.    Crawling: Hope you have already heard of the ‘spiders’ that crawl to your website to check the content. These spiders are nothing but a code where the bits of the code visit your website and read all the content and checks all the links provided from one page to other. The spiders regularly come back to your site and check for the original pages. And this might happen at any point or intervals of time.

If the spiders can’t see or understand your content, they will not index or rank your pages. Henceforth, you need to write unique content that is both SEO friendly and relevant to your business.

2.    Indexing: The spiders not only crawl through your website, but store this data in its giant repository. This is known as ‘Indexing.’ The spiders store this information so that it can be used for the searchers. The spiders also check the relevancy of the content to the search queries by the searchers.

3.    Ranking: The most critical aspect of search engines. Based on the search engine rankings, the search engines deliver the most relevant content to the searchers. These rankings are assigned based on the constantly changing search algorithms.

These are basic ground rules you need to follow when you are looking aiming at driving traffic through search engines. Do your homework good and you can definitely bet about your traffic! Do not forget to keep yourself updated with the trends of Search Engines.

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