Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mobile Email in 2012 - Size Matters

Did you know that 78% of business people use their mobile device to check emails and by 2013, mobile users will overtake desktop computers for web access?

So, should you be worried about it in 2012?


Clearly, as an email marketer if you’re not optimizing email campaigns then you are already missing a few mobile subscribers.

Currently the number of users viewing e-Mail campaigns is probably under 10%, but I can tell you this number is fast growing. So, imagine if 30% of your subscribers switch from desktop to mobile.

Before we delve into the details on optimizing the email campaigns for mobile devices, let’s look at some basic techniques for adapting your design for the small screen.

Ø  Avoid using very long subject lines
Ø  Remember to use Alt-Tags in your image URLs
Ø  Keep your emails small and light, preferably under 20kb
Ø  Verify your code for accuracy and W3C compliance
Ø  Minimize or eliminate the use of column
Ø  Use suitable font sizes
Ø  Reduce the sentence length
Ø  Include space between clickable items
Ø  Find the eye focus of the user while designing the template
Ø  Design for focused action and avoid distraction
Ø  Create a unified design that works well across all platforms
Ø  Test, test and test some more

It only takes a few minutes for you, or your design team to understand these fundamental points, but applying these in your next e-Mail newsletter is well worth the effort.

Finally, If you have any questions or help on designing campaign template for mobile users, get in touch with our team. We can hand-craft campaign template for mobile and touchscreens, and make it look great too.